Membership with the Society of Singers Choir

Choir Members Wanted

The Society of Singers, a Toronto amateur choir, is looking for new members. We foster a friendly, supportive atmosphere, where members can expand their musical repertoire and become better singers. Membership is open to anyone in the Toronto area who likes to sing. Participants must be interested in learning, willing to attend regular rehearsals and be active in choir events. To join our choir, there are no auditions but a commitment to participate is expected.

Experience the wonderful feeling of giving while doing something you truly enjoy. New members are accepted September through January, providing space is available. Currently the choir is welcoming all: tenors, basses, sopranos and altos.

To learn more about how to join our choir, potential members are invited to contact us by telephone at 647-202-1800, e-mail at Or come out to a regular rehearsal to meet our members. Rehearsal Hall Google Map

Choral singing can boost your health and well being!

Anyone who has ever joined a choir knows that when a group of people come together to sing, the whole can be greater than the sum of its parts. A choir can sound significantly better than any one individual member. Being part of a performing group can boost self-confidence and give more purpose to your life. It may even lead to some long lasting friendships.

Beyond socializing, there are positive physical and mental health benefits like improved cardiovascular fitness and lung function. Singing also involves different areas of the brain and promotes improved mood and general alertness. Creating music will add considerably to your well-being. All great reasons to join a choir.